Shadows cast over the dark blue waters that lie in front of me.

The mist comes off the ocean gently brushing against my body,

It’s as if I could capture this memory in my hand and hold it forever.

Mysterious world my mind is yours for the taking.

Grab a hold of me and only let me go when you are satisfied 

that I know all there is to know.

Flip me upside down until the breaking tide is rolling over

the cursed clouds below.

What a beautiful mind you must have universe.

You sway from side to side as the wind pulls you in every which way it chooses,

Your tired heart aches from the constant chaos, but my universe….

You are as beautiful as the thought of creation itself.

I imagine your mind to be more psychotic than that of the deadliest,

The most beautiful minds are always the most fucked up.

Drown me in your dark waters and take me away with you,

Rip my heart out of my chest and devour my eyes. 

Let me see with emotion, guide me through your mastered ways.

(Dives in the darkest waters of the sea.)

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